Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 Lesser Known uses of Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a popular software that helps you completely uninstall programs from your PC, including registry keys and some residual files which are usually left behind by the built-in installer. Users generally install Revo to be able to *just* uninstall their software. But, in this post you’ll find out that it can do a lot more than just that!

1. Stop an Application from starting Automatically at Boot:

Over a period of time, our Windows PCs slow down mainly due to the increase in the number of background processes and amateur users won’t really bother getting into msconfig to remove the unwanted programs from starting automatically at boot, thereby slowing down the computer drastically. Luckily, Revo lets you do this in a very friendly way.

Hunter Mode

  • Fire up Revo Uninstaller and click on ‘Hunter Mode’.
  • Now, you should see a pointer (like the one in this link) which lets you aim at programs to shoot them down!

 Revo - Stop Auto Starting

  • Drag the pointer to the program that keeps starting automatically when you boot your PC and choose ‘Stop Auto Starting’. That’s it! The particular program will no longer boot with Windows.
  • The other options ‘Kill Process’ and ‘Kill and Delete Process’ will be helpful if you want to end a particular background process or get rid of an infected file pertaining to a program that’s running in the background respectively.

2. Forced Uninstall:

Revo - Forced Uninstall

Some programs just won’t budge when you try uninstalling them. Thankfully, Revo has the Forced Uninstall option. Just get into Revo uninstaller and right click the program that’s giving trouble when uninstalling using normal methods. Then, choose ‘Forced Uninstall’ and see the magic happen!

This is particularly useful to clean up bloatware on your branded PC.

3. Delete Files Permanently:

We’ve already read about software that will help you to delete files permanently. But, if you aren’t interested in trying them out exclusively, Revo will fill in.

Tracks Cleaner

  • Just open Revo Uninstaller and click on ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Tracks Cleaner’ on the left pane.

  • ‘Unrecoverable Delete’ helps you delete files in a manner that they can’t be recovered in the future. If you have already deleted a file and want to make sure that can’t be removed ‘Evidence Remover’ is your tool! Check out the screenshots below.

Revo - Evidence Remover

Unrecoverable Delete

Hopefully, both these tools are very easy to use and won’t require much explanation.

Now, those are some features of Revo Uninstaller which we rarely make use of. If you think I’ve missed out something, be sure to leave a comment below!

Find Revo Uninstaller interesting? Give it a try.