Monday, April 4, 2011

ALERT: Don’t authorize ‘Profile Spy’ app on Twitter

Profile Spy

There’s a Twitter app which claims to find out the number of times your Twitter page has been viewed by visitors and as expected it isn’t real. If you come across a link that asks you to grant access to you Twitter account for the ‘Profile Spy’ app, DON’T.

ESPN’s Twitter account was a victim among many others. It looks like the app tweets twice using your Twitter account. The first tweet contains the a random number which *indicates* the hits your profile got and the second tweet contains the malicious link.

If you have already allowed the app, make sure you Revoke access to it by reading this manual.

Twitter 2

UPDATE: The ‘Profile Spy’ app is apparently out of Twitter now. But, the developer has worked on another similar app to keep the effect viral. Make sure you don’t click any tweets claiming to show the total number of hits on your profile.

I request you to spread the word among your friends that this is a spammy app and calculating the number of hits your Twitter profile got is not possible.