Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flock Browser is Shutting Down!


Flock, the social browser previously based on Mozilla’s Gecko engine and now on Chromium is shutting down.

If you are using Flock as your primary browser, security updates and support will cease after 26th of April, 2011. You should receive an ‘End of Support’ notification in your browser anytime now.

You can keep using the Flock browser, if you love it. But, some features will stop working from the 26th of April since the servers that power them will be shut down. If you need support after the deadline, Get Satisfaction’s Flock page is the only effective solution.

Should I switch browsers?

Yes, you should. If you have loved the social-ness of Flock, I’d recommend you use RockMelt, a very similar browser that is based on Chromium. It allows you to use Google Chrome extensions to add features to the browser. On the other hand, Google Chrome has matured a lot and it is definitely worth a try. Firefox 4 is a worthy alternative if you’ve been using Flock 2.x that’s based on Mozilla.

For more details, check out Flock’s FAQ page. 

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Via A chat with my friend Praveen and Flock’s FAQ Page.