Saturday, April 23, 2011

Improve Internet Explorer with Google Toolbar 7

I’ve always felt that IE9 was hollow unlike the others. The add-on gallery of Internet Explorer was revamped recently, but the collection out there is still the same. Without much ado, let’s see what Google Toolbar can bring to the table:

1. Google Instant – built right in!


Google Instant

We’ve all used Google Instant on Chrome and it’s a great timesaver. The Google Toolbar comes with this feature out-of-the-box and all you need to do is enable it.  Just click on the Wrench at the top right and choose ‘Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing’ under the ‘General’ tab.


From now on, typing on the search field in the Google toolbar automatically takes you to the Google results page.

2. Has many features from “Chrome Extensions”

Google Toolbar

Clicking on the ‘More’ button on the toolbar gives you one click access to Google News, Sharing options to various sites (with Settings to add/remove sites), Translate (just like in Google Chrome with all the auto detection goodness), Spell-Check and AutoFill. The button gallery allows you to add shortcuts to popular web services.

Now, these features are all available on Google Chrome via extensions and with IE having a pathetic collection of them, it’s time to get used to this toolbar.

3. Turns on Pre-Fetching to load pages faster!


Yes. The pre-fetching feature you’d otherwise find in Google Chrome will work with IE9, thanks to the Google Toolbar. If you are finicky about Privacy since this feature makes use of your web history, you can turn it off by going to the Wrench icon > Privacy Tab and by unchecking ‘Enable pre-fetching’.

4. Quick Scroll

Quick scroll

Imagine you are browsing through the web by searching for various keywords on Google. When you actually arrive on a site based on the results the content could be long and boring enough to just pass. Quick scroll adds the keywords you searched with to the toolbar, so that you can click on them to a Ctrl+F like search to arrive at the most relevant part of the website.

5. Backward Compatible


The toolbar works even with older versions of Internet Explorer which means users who are stuck with IE6 due to ridiculous corporate policies can get all these features on the ancient browser (be sure to grab the Chrome frame as well!).

Those are some of the cool things which the new Google Toolbar can do. To download head over to and give it a try. Here’s the official blog post regarding this from Google.

P.S. Users who already have Google Toolbar installed should be receiving an automatic update soon.