Monday, April 11, 2011

Keep Track of TV Shows you watch with Seriesly [Screenshot Tour]

Seriesly Logo

If you love TV Shows and usually watch them online, it is difficult to find out when there’s going to be a new episode unless you keep checking their Wikipedia Episodes page every now and then. Adding to the misery, if you end up being a fan of shows that regularly go on a hiatus you’ll lose track and finally stop watching the show.

Seriesly Channels

Seriesly to aims help you by creating a customized TV listing with only the shows that you watch. You can receive email updates/RSS Feed and alerts from various channels before a new episode is out.

Seriesly Choose shows

  • Choose the shows you watch by clicking on the + parallel to them. You can also type the name of the show in the search bar to make this process faster.

show advanced settings

  • Now is the best part. Click on ‘Show advanced settings’ below the first step.

Advanced Settings

  • You now have the option to choose the way in which you’d like the show delivered to you. Torrents/Streaming links or Sharehosting links i.e. Rapidshare, etc. Choose the one you prefer the most. Then, you can choose the quality. I prefer standard since I don’t have an unlimited Internet connection, but you can also choose between 720p and 1080p. You’ll probably don’t need this if you live in the US and watch them on “TV”.

This feature (torrent/download links) is no longer available.

Get it

  • Finally, click on the Get it. It’s free!

Managing your Subscription

  • You will now be taken to the subscription management page where you can choose between the different delivery methods. Make sure that you copy and bookmark the URL of this page to add/remove shows in the future and to edit the delivery options.
  • This page is pretty straightforward and all that’s left to be done is choosing your preferred mode of getting alerts. I’ve chosen the email way, but its completely your personal preference.