Thursday, April 28, 2011

Manage movies on your PC with Movie Monkey

Movie Monkey2

If you have a ton of movies on your Windows PC, there’s nothing better than Movie Monkey to organize them. Sure, we all find it good enough to move through the folders manually and double-click to open them, but Movie Monkey does more than that!

Movie Monkey

It identifies the movie automatically after you import them from the folder and classifies them according to a genre. So, if you feel like catching a romantic comedy tonight – you know where to go.

Movie Monkey is also good at knowing what you’ve seen and what you haven’t and lets you find all the un-watched films under the ‘Not Watched’ tab inside every genre.

If you always like hearing someone’s opinion before watching a film. Movie Monkey’s got you covered! It cleverly communicates with the IMDb (yeah, the movie lover’s bible) and shows you the ratings on screen.

My friends over at Movie Monkey were generous enough to open up the download of their app in closed BETA to PC Geek’s readers. So, all you have to do is visit Get Movie and use the invite code pcgeekblog for a free download.

Import Movies

After you install the software, go to File > Import Movies and choose the folder where your movies are located and see the magic happen!

Got any suggestions for the developer? Leave a message here.