Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opera Turbo lets you access some US-Specific sites

Opera Turbo

I’ve been fooling around with Opera for a while and just found that Opera Turbo – a mode that’ll serve your webpages after passing them through Opera’s servers to reduce their size to improve your surfing experience on a slow internet connection does one more interesting thing for us non-Americans. It lets you access certain US-Specific content online!

Hulu on Google Chrome

Hulu on Opera Turbo Mode


Pandora 2

(1). Hulu on Google Chrome – Doesn’t work due to my location.

(2). Hulu on Opera Turbo Mode – Works like it should in the US.

(3) & (4). Same is the case with Pandora.

Just turn on Turbo mode in Opera and visit your favourite website. I’ve already checked Pandora, HULU and many other websites. You will also notice that AdSense ads on websites are US-Specific.

Although I found Hulu and Pandora to be working, other sites like the CBS (videos) didn’t. This could mean that some level of your actual location is being sent to sites.

Any thoughts?