Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facebook teams up with WOT to protect its users (Updated)

This post was originally published on May 15, 2011

Of late, we’ve been seeing a lot of spam on Facebook. There are malicious apps which promise you to reveal the names of people who are viewing your profile to forecasting how you’ll look like when you grow old. Although, savvy users don’t fall for stuff like this, we often see our walls full of spam posted by our friends and we end up reporting endless amounts of spam to Facebook.

To prevent all this and more, Facebook has partnered with online reputation service WOT (Web Of Trust) – an app that helps you find out which site is good and which isn’t. WOT scans for all the outgoing links from Facebook and gives you a warning if the site doesn’t have a good reputation already.

WOT Facebook

You should definitely install the WOT browser add-ons (available for all major browsers) to make sure that a similar protection is available everywhere on the web.

Source - CNET

Update: Facebook is now using WebSense’s knowledge base to check all outgoing links. WOT, Websense and Facebook’s own database will hopefully provide them with enough data to protect all of their users. (Source)