Monday, September 5, 2011

Non-Admin Chrome Frame is out! [Updated]

(Originally Published on June 21, 2011)

Google Chrome frame has long been the godsend for users who are stuck with corporate computers running IE6/7 as the only browser. Although Chrome frame has been successful there was one HUGE obstacle. Most of these corporate machines did not give administrative privileges to its users and the to install Chrome frame you need to be an administrator.

To fix it all, Chromium has come up with the non-admin Chrome frame that will work on your computer no matter what permissions you have. There will be a background helper process (similar to the ones in previous versions) to make sure that Chrome frame works well with the browser.

As of now, the non-admin version is available in the developer build for mainstream users and you can download it from here.

Now that’s another huge step towards killing IE6 and 7!

Source: CNET