Monday, June 20, 2011

Send files to Dropbox as an email

Dropbox is slowly becoming ubiquitous to most internet users and if you haven’t signed up for an account with them already, I urge you do.

Existing Dropbox users know how the system works. You need to have Dropbox installed on a PC or login to your Dropbox account online to upload files. The latter works when you use someone else’s PC.

Now, Imagine you are at your friend’s place and you need to add a file to dropbox. Instead of wasting time by logging into Dropbox’s website, you can simply send an email with an attachment containing the file to your unique SendToDropbox email address and the rest will be taken care under the hood. This unique address is confidential, but you can share it with a person and change it later by visiting the service.

Send To Dropbox creates an /attachment directory in your Dropbox folder and copies all the files added this way.

Send to Dropbox ID

Signing up for this service is simple.

  • Just visit and click on the hyperlink ‘connect with dropbox’.
  • Allow Dropbox access to SendToDropbox like you usually do with Twitter and Facebook.
  • You will now be taken to the final page with your unique email address. Here you have the ability to change the address, the way in which mailed files are stored in your Dropbox directory, extract zipped files automatically and include a copy of the email for your reference.