Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Exotic ways to send a Tweet

If you use Twitter, you’d obviously know about the various twitter clients that provide you with a totally different user experience. Although, the popular ones are very good most of us aren’t aware of the uncommon ones – that ones that can be really useful to certain users. Here’s are 2 very different ways to use Twitter.

From Google Talk:


If you have constant access to Google Talk, but not to Twitter and other sites due to censorship in your work/college, this is going to be really useful. Simply go to and authorize your Google account and Twitter account after which you can start tweeting from Google Talk itself. Your timeline is constantly updated since keeps pinging you. To tweet something just type /t followed by the actual tweet. ping with /h to know the other short codes.

P.S. If you don’t use Gtalk as your IM client, check out TweetSwitch, a similar service that lets you use any popular IM service to tweet. It also lets you tweet via email. We’d still recommend if you use Gtalk.

From your Email account:

TweetyMail is an amazing service that lets you use Twitter from your email account itself. The video above explains everything and you can signup using your email address whichever service you are onto, i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This is a freemium service and the free account should suffice for most users. Although TweetSwitch lets you do this, I find TweetyMail better.

Know of another exotic app? Leave a comment below and enlighten us!