Friday, July 22, 2011

Clickatell and Mobango blocked in India [BSNL]

More sites blocked in India!

Yesterday we read reports of several file sharing websites being blocked in India by the popular ISP airtel. While this was the case, people using BSNL broadband had/have no such issues with filesharing websites till now.

Here’s the twist:



Accessing Clickatell displays a message with BSNL’s logo as shown in the first screenshot while accessing Mobango redirects to – the IP address locally allocated to the DSL routers.

While these sites are blocked on BSNL, filesharing websites like Rapidshare or Mediafire are accessible.

The message displayed doesn’t mention any government intervention due to which the sites are blocked and it “might” just be a technical glitch. What do you think?

The same sites were blocked in India a few months back.

UPDATE: Visiting works, but just typing still brings in the notification in the first screenshot.