Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Find the devices connected to your WLAN with Wireless Network Watcher

The ever-awesome Nirsoft has come up with a freakishly simple portable tool to let you find out the various devices currently connected to your Wi-Fi network and if you think someone else is leeching on your broadband, this tool will be definitely helpful in confirming that.

Wireless Network Watcher

The premise of this tool is very simple, it lets you know about the devices that are connected to your Wireless network. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download Wireless Network Watcher (compatible with most common versions of Windows).
  2. Extract the files in the .zip folder and run WNetWatcher.exe
  3. Click on F5 to see the devices that are currently connected to your Wireless network. If nothing appears, hit F9 and choose the correct adapter (between Ethernet and Wireless if you have both).

As you can see, 3 items are shown on the screenshot from my laptop. The first one is the laptop I’m working on, the second is the router and the third on the list is my smartphone. Apart from that, there aren’t many features available one this software.

If you find a unknown device leeching on your network, you can always blacklist that particular device and prevent it from connecting again. (or simply change the encryption key to a much stronger one).

via NirBlog