Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Cross-Post from Google+ to Facebook & Twitter? (Updated)

Although Google Plus is a great service with millions of users already in, one thing that has been discouraging users from actively using it is the chore of cross-posting their links and status updates across all the networks separately. Google Plus doesn’t have a public developer API yet and this prevents software like TweetDeck or Hootsuite from adding Google Plus among their other offerings. In this post, we’ll find out how to automatically push your content on Google Plus to Facebook and Twitter.

The service that was previously featured in this blog post was shut down. We recommend you try Plusist to achieve the same.

Step ONE: Get an RSS Feed of your Google Plus Posts

We’ll now use a service called Plus Feed to get an RSS (ATOM) feed of your posts on Google Plus. Here’s what you have to do.

feeds from google plus

Login to Google Plus and acquire your profile ID which is a number in the URL of your profile page (sample pictured above).

Now, add that number to<your profile number> to frame a URL. This is the feed of your Google Plus posts.

Step TWO: Use a service to publish to Twitter/Facebook

Now, you will have to use a service like Twitterfeed or to publish content from the RSS feed to your other profiles. I have been using to publish all my blog posts here to Facebook and Twitter and it works well. Twitterfeed has been around for a long time too.

Additionally, supports posting to LinkedIn, MySpace, Google Buzz and and you can simply add them as a destination route enable posting.

via Russell Beattie (developer of Plus Feed)