Friday, July 15, 2011

Keep your PC updated with Secunia PSI

Keeping all the software updated can be pretty difficult and a lot of users I know skip them and you ultimately end up having a computer that is prone to a lot of security issues. We’ve already seen tools that help you with this, but I’ve recently started using Secunia PSI and feel that it’s the best one out there. Here’s why.

Secunia PSI

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Secunia’s interface is definitely more geeky than the competing apps like CNET’s Tech Tracker or Update Checker, but what really stands out is it’s ability to automatically update many apps (not all, mind you). PSI also has a percentile score going on which could trigger a user’s interest towards achieving a 100 – thereby making your PC safer.

Once your Install PSI, you’ll be asked to scan your PC for the first time. This process is going to take awhile and you can go grab something to drink. The results show up and you can find out the number of programs on versions which are obsolete (end-of-life) or simply older than the newest ones. Quite a few programs are automatically patched by Secunia without any user intervention and the others simply show up on the list with the appropriate download link. You’ll see that the percentile score aka Secunia System Score improves after every action you take and your aim should always be a 100%


  • Auto updates a lot of obsolete software on your PC.
  • Integrates with Secunia CSI (for corporate users).
  • FREE!


  • There’s no guarantee that every program on your PC is detected by Secunia (same is the case with other update-helper apps).

Give this software a try today and I can assure you that your PC will definitely be more secure. Download Secunia PSI.

Similar Apps: Ninite Updater, CNET TechTracker, File Hippo’s Update Checker.