Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Delete Entries from Context Menu with Context Menu Editor [Quick Tip]

A normal Windows computer goes through a lot of software installs and eventually, uninstalls throughout it’s life and although we remove a program from the computer, we find traces of the same left behind (unless you use Revo uninstaller) and the context menu is one of those places where you can almost find a list of software that were once installed in your PC.

Editing the context menu is the only solution at this point and it’s not possible without having to play with the registry (which a lot of us aren’t really brave enough to do).

Context Menu Editor

Thankfully, there’s a really good free software called ‘Context Menu Editor’ that helps you remove any of the entries in the context menu without having to open the Registry Editor. This tool is very easy to use and is pretty much self-explanatory. Head over to the developer’s site for a free download.

via GHacks