Friday, August 5, 2011

How to get the Preview Pane on Gmail?

Gmail Preview Pane(Click to enlarge)

Google launched a new preview-pane feature for Gmail (already available in Hotmail and a bunch of other services). As evident from the screenshot above, you’ll have a list of emails on the left and the content of the email you just clicked on the right. I have a feeling that it’s more like an Outlook mock-up, but it’s pretty intuitive nevertheless. Since this feature is brand new, it hasn’t graduated to your account automatically and you’ll have to add it from Gmail labs. Here’s how you can turn it on for your account:


  • Log in to Gmail and click on the Gear-like icon in the black bar at the top right of your screen and choose ‘Labs’ from the drop-down menu.

Preview Pane Search

Enable Preview Pane

  • Once you are in a the labs page, you’ll notice a search bar, type in ‘Preview Pane’ in that and you should see the feature listed below. Just click on Enable and choose ‘Save Changes’ below that.

Toggle split pane

  • Gmail will reload now and you’ll see a new icon at the right. Click on it, to skim through your mail in the split-pane mode.

If you haven’t gotten the new Gmail yet, read this to find out how.