Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Install Dropbox for Multiple users on Windows

Dropbox for everyone!

If you’ve been using Windows 7/Vista, you would’ve noticed that it isn’t possible to install Dropbox for a standard non-admin user and if you tried running the setup file from one such user account, UAC will jump in and ask for the admin password to let you continue. While Vista users have Dropboxen, the program isn’t compatible with Windows 7. Here’s how you can install Dropbox on any user account that you want.

  • First, log on to the administrator account and grant administrator privileges to the account in which you are looking to install Dropbox.
  • You can now log off/switch user and log into the account in which you are looking to install Dropbox.
  • Run the Setup file during which you’ll get a prompt asking if you really want to execute the setup file (if UAC is enabled, that is). Click Yes and install Dropbox. Configure the account and log off.
  • Log in back to the administrator account and remove the admin privileges by choosing ‘Standard User’ at the appropriate section in the control panel.

You’ve now installed Dropbox for a non-admin user. I understand that this method isn’t sophisticated, but it sure works and you can rely on it until Dropbox comes up with a plausible solution.

If you are using XP, this shouldn’t be a problem and every user can log in separately and install Dropbox by themselves.

If you are aware of another method using which Dropbox can be installed for multiple users, do let us know using the comment section below.