Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alternatives to, the TweetDeck service that allowed users to tweet more than 140 characters by appending a link is no more and although many of us find it annoying to come across a link, it can be very useful when you have to express a 140+ worded thought in a hurry. If you miss the service, these are some alternatives that you should check out.


This one has been around even before the birth of and no one really bothered to use it much since it didn’t come with a popular app like that of TweetDeck. If you are still tweeting away the occasional prose-styled rant, it should work just fine.

XLTweet is another service that works just like TwitLonger.

Tall Tweets [No Links]

The premise of this service is the same, but it works differently. Instead of linking to a site where your long tweets are archived, your long tweet will be split up into many tweets of 140 characters.

LongTweetSplitter works just like Tall Tweets but offers you an option to manually post the tweets that have been split up by it. It also supports Direct Messages.

Google Plus

Click time

That wasn’t a typo! Google Plus lets you write posts/status updates without any word limit and all you need to do it write your long tweet there and make it a public post. Now, click on the timeframe and copy the link of that particular post and share the same on Twitter. Here’s an example.

I personally think that using Google Plus for this purpose is much better since you get to interact with both your Twitter and Google Plus followers.

I’ve created an page for and you are welcome to add any alternative that you may know about.