Friday, October 7, 2011

6 Tips To Make The Most Of CCleaner

I’ve recommended CCleaner on multiple occasions in this blog and if you are a regular reader, you probably have CCleaner installed on your PC. Although the occasional cleaning that you do helps your PC, most users don’t dig deep enough into CCleaner. In this post, you’ll find out some stuff about CCleaner which your probably didn’t know about.

#1. Disable Unnecessary Start-up Services:

CCleaner Startup

I use this feature of CCleaner all the time and I’m pretty sure that a lot of users have missed this one since many of us don’t go beyond registry cleaning.

Just go through the list of processes and click on ‘Disable’ when the unwanted process is selected in the list. While most power users might prefer using the System Configuration tool that comes with Windows, this one is super easy to use. Don’t you agree?

#2. Speedy Uninstallation:


While Add/Remove Programs and Revo Uninstaller are very good at what they do, they take their time to get things done and if you are in a hurry, CCleaner is what you need to uninstall programs. It doesn’t take a long time to load the list of programs installed and neither does it do the extra stuff like Revo, thereby saving some precious time.

#3. Delete Old System Restore Points:

Every time you install/uninstall software, updates on your PC a system restore point is created and these end up consuming a lot of space on your hard disk. We’ve already seen how you can delete system restore points without additional software, but if you use CCleaner, it’s even more easier to do it.

System Restore CCleaner

Fire up CCleaner and go to Tools > System Restore. Select all the points and delete them. You do not have to worry about not being able to restore your system if something goes wrong since the latest point is disabled by default.

#4. Deleting Files Permanently:

Last month, I wrote about secure file deletion and 3 great tools which help you with that. If you haven’t read it already, CCleaner also excels at that! Although it isn’t the greatest method out there it certainly saves you the chore of setting up and using a separate application to get things done.

#5. Use CCEnhancer:


Although CCleaner does a great job of cleaning up your PC, it doesn’t support many software that could be cluttering up your PC and if left unnoticed, your computer will slow down sometime in the future despite all the maintenance you did with CCleaner.

CCEnhancer adds support for many programs and registry fixes so that CCleaner cleans up more stuff than it would.

#6. Select Cookies You Want To Keep:


Every time we clean up our computers with CCleaner, most of our online accounts are signed-out automatically and it gets annoying when some sites (especially the flash games on Facebook) take ages to load. To prevent this, all you need to do is instruct CCleaner not to delete cookies belonging to certain sites. The screenshot above talks for itself.

Know of a tip that’ll be useful for other CCleaner users? Leave a comment below and enlighten us!