Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remotely Access Another PC With A Chrome Extension [Quick Tip]

If you’ve used a software like TeamViewer, LogMeIn or the Remote Desktop Connection that comes with Windows you’ll be familiar with remotely accessing someone’s PC.

A new extension titled Chrome Remote Desktop BETA just popped up in Chrome Web Store. I’ve given it a try and it’s pretty good although it’s a bit wonky when connecting to a PC using the Internet, accessing local PCs works just fine (I suspect this has something to do with my broadband connection). From now on, if you have to provide tech-support to someone instead of trying to get them to install TeamViewer, you can simply help them add this extension to Chrome and then get on with your job!

In addition to supporting remote access between Windows, Mac and Linux PCs this extension opens up remote access to/from Chromebooks as well.

P.S. The extension is around 20MB and may take some time to Install.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA via GHacks