Thursday, November 3, 2011

8 Awesome Dropbox Services (Updated)

I’ve always advocated the use of Dropbox here at PC Geek and while the service itself is very useful there’s no way to put all that cloud storage work the way you want it to. In this post, I’ll be listing some interesting services that work with Dropbox to get the job done.

1. If This Then That:

This service isn’t exclusively for Dropbox, but it helps you save a lot of important stuff into Dropbox. IFTTT helps you integrate two online services to save you a lot of trouble. If you haven’t heard of If This Then That, I recommend you read this blog post.

The only thing you can do with this service is automating backups on Dropbox. Let's say you're tagged in a photo on Facebook, if you had set up an IFTTT task; a backup of that photo can be found in the designated Dropbox folder thereby saving you all the hassle. This link lists some cool combinations that involve Dropbox.

2. DROPitTOme


If you wanted someone to directly drop a file into your Dropbox folder, you will have to set up a shared folder which is accessible to the person on the other end. Also, he/she needs to have a Dropbox account to take advantage of that. DROPitTOme lets anyone (with a link to your DROPitTOme URL) send a file directly to your Dropbox. Thanks to this service, you no longer have to persuade the other person to get a Dropbox account.

FileStork is very similar to DROPitTOme if you are looking for an alternative.

3. JotForm

If you have a website, using JotForm makes a lot of sense. It’s nothing different from a regular contact form except for the fact that responses (including files/attachments) are saved to your Dropbox instantly.

4. SideCLOUDload

SideCLOUDload allows you to send the contents of a URL directly to Dropbox without having to manually download it to your computer. The only limitation is that the file in the URL should be less than or equal to 25MB and you also get a bookmarklet to use the service anytime you want!

5. Epistle (for Android)


If you have an Android device, Epistle is a must-have. Epistle is a text-editor at the core in addition to which it syncs all your notes to a folder in your Dropbox account from where you can edit/add files on your PC using Notepad. It may not be as sophisticated as Evernote, but it’s very useful nevertheless.

6. Plaintext (for iOS)


This app is pretty similar to Epistle for Android and syncs all the notes to your Dropbox folder. Nocs is a great alternative to Plaintext.

7. SendToDropbox

Previously featured SendToDropbox lets you email files to your Dropbox account. This service is especially useful when you are at a location where Dropbox’s website is blocked since you can send an email to get the job done.

8. DropTunes

Ramesh suggested DropTunes in the comments section. This app lets you stream music stored in your Dropbox account; Although mobile apps would’ve been nice, the website is good enough for most users.

Now that you’ve been introduced to these services, you’ll be needing extra space on your Dropbox account more than ever. Make sure that you finish all the tasks listed at and add a .edu email address to your account if you have one. Also, share your referral link on social sites and get people to notice it. If you have some AdWords credits consider advertising as well!

These are just a few of the hundreds of Dropbox based apps and if you know something useful, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.