Tuesday, November 22, 2011

List of Free Services to Send Large Files Online

Comic Credit: xkcd

Every now and then, we need to share a file with someone over the Internet that’s too large to fit a Gmail attachment. At that moment, it’s difficult to think of a service that lets you get the job done. In this post, I’ll be listing services in a descending order based on the maximum file size that they allow so that you can quickly take a look whenever you need to share a big file.

  1. File Dropper – up to 5GB
  2. Minus – up to 2GB
  3. JustBeamIt – up to 2GB
  4. Gett Sharing – up to 2GB
  5. YouSendIt – up to 2GB
  6. WeTransfer – up to 2GB
  7. DropSend – up to 2GB
  8. FileSavr – up to 2GB
  9. SendSpace – up to 1.95GB
  10. ZShare – up to 1GB for registered users
  11. Dropbox – up to 500MB (tutorial)
  12. MediaFire – up to 200MB
  13. WikiSend – up to 100MB
  14. Data File Host – up to 100MB
  15. Transfer Big Files – up to 100MB
  16. Send6- up to 50MB
  17. Windows Live SkyDrive – up to 50MB
  18. Box – up to 25MB

As you can see, the list start from services that allow you up to 5GB till services that allow you as little as 25MB. If you are looking to share something larger than 5GB, a great option would be using a file splitter to split it into parts that are less than or equal to 5GB (for File Dropper). You can also create a torrent if you are sharing a very large file (say, over 10GB).

I’m pretty sure that you’ll need this list when you are in a hurry someday so don’t forget to bookmark it.