Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 Great Tools for Distraction Free Writing

With all the social networking, video streaming and other entertaining sites, it’s insanely easy to lose focus of what you are doing writing. Thankfully, we have many options when it comes to creating ourselves a distraction free writing environment. After a bit of messing around, The following tools are really good at what they do. 

Q10 [Windows Only]

This is hands down, the best distraction-free writing software that I’ve tried out. The portable version is what I use and storing the program’s files in Dropbox enables me to continue from where I left off, seamlessly. Those of you who love typewriters will dig this since you get the nostalgic tactile response as you type.

Write Space [Chrome Only]

Write Space is no different from Q10 except for the fact that it runs within Google Chrome. If you don’t have a Linux/Mac/Chromebook and cannot try out Q10, Write Space is a great option. Some of the key features of Write Space is the persistent auto save which ensures that you have your work all backed up safely in the event of an accident when you are working on something. When you open up Write Space, what you’ve been working on previously can be seen – this approach is opposite to how Q10 works. Instead of saving txt files, the content stays within the app. Write Space also includes pretty much every customization option of Q10.

OmmWriter Dana [Windows, Mac and iPad]

One of the striking differences between OmmWriter and the other tools mentioned above is the background. Q10 and Write Space give you a solid colour background while OmmWriter lets you use a relaxing background image while you get your writing done over it. OmmWriter gives you many beautiful fonts, sounds and backgrounds to work with and it’s well worth the 51MB download size.

FocusWriter [Windows, Linux and Mac]

FocusWriter isn’t much different from the rest of the pack except for it’s hover-to-reveal UI and it should be a great choice if you are using a Linux distro as you primary operating system.

That’s all I could try out. If you know an app that’s worth mentioning here, leave a comment and let us know why you like it.