Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secure Online Accounts with MyPermissions.org [Quick Tip]

Every now and then we give account access permission to various applications that promise to fulfil something on the spur of the moment and while this is pretty harmless in most cases, malicious apps can misuse this permission to post something on Facebook/Twitter or any other site through which you let them in.

To be fair, most of the apps that we include aren’t really necessary after a few minutes and we usually tend to forget about removing access to them. Any savvy user will know how to revoke permissions and will do so regularly, but the majority of users still don’t understand how to get it done. This is where MyPermissions.org comes in.

The site gives you the direct link to permission revoking pages of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram and Flickr. Merely clicking on the site links will take you to the appropriate page, provided you are already logged into the service in question.

While many of us don’t need this, it’s really nice to have all these links in one page without having to manually find out how to get it done. I’d suggest you bookmark this site and clean up your accounts at least once a month. Trouble remembering things? This ifttt trigger should help.

Site: MyPermissions.org