Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Great Tools for Distraction Free Reading

Back in December I wrote a list containing some really nifty tools that help you write devoid of all the clutter on your PC and the best follow-up to that would be to help you read without any distraction. Without much ado, here’s a list of software for most browsers/platforms that help you get some reading done.

Evernote Clearly [Chrome and Firefox]


Evernote’s product that goes by the name Clearly is the newest kid on the block and it has managed to become everyone’s favourite in a really short time. It comes as a browser extension and it’s premise is very simple. You open up a blog post/article and click on Clearly’s icon to see a clutter-free, readable version of the same website that simply makes you WANT to finish reading whatever it is that you’re reading! (Any Browser)


ViewText does one thing and it does it well. Just visit their home page and paste the link of the site that you’re looking to unclutter and you’ll be presented with a text-only version of the site for easy reading. We’ve already covered a Chrome extension that makes use of ViewText to get you results without you having to visit the page every time.

Instapaper (Any Browser)


While Instapaper is basically a read-it-later service, it helps you strip a web page of all clutter before reading something from your list with the “text” option. Since all of this happens on a webpage, you don’t need to install anything like a browser extension. Just sign up for an account and give it a try!

Instapaper also allows you to send articles directly to your Kindle where you can read on the go. There’s also an iPhone and an Android app which give you the same experience.

iReader [Chrome and Firefox]

iReader is pretty similar to Clearly and installs itself as a browser extension. If you don’t like iReader on Firefox, you can also try out Tranquility which is pretty similar.

Reader [Safari]

Reader on Safari

Safari users need not think about any other solution since they have ‘Reader’ a tool that unclutters pages built right into the browser. If you aren’t aware, you should see a button titled Reader as pictured above clicking which the current web page becomes more readable. This feature is also available for Safari on Windows.

That’s it from my side. If you know a similar service that’s worth being listed here, do leave a comment below and enlighten us!