Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving on from Firefox 3

Mozilla adopted the a rapid-release cycle last April and it has come out with Firefox v10 (starting with 3, this time last year). While the browser is mostly good, quite a few users out there are still clinging onto Firefox 3.x since the UI is familiar to them while compared to Firefox 4’s changes. If you’re still using Firefox 3.x.x, read on.

Firefox is on the verge of announcing v3.6.28 (found already at MajorGeeks and Mozilla’s FTP servers) and from the looks of it, this may be the last update to the v3 side of the browser. If you didn’t know already, Mozilla has planned to discontinue any kind of support to users of this older version of the browser after the 24th of April this year which means you’ll be prone to all sorts of security vulnerabilities.

From the discussions I find on the web, the new UI in version 4 is seen as one of the biggest reasons to not update. While it may be confusing for some users, How To Geek has a really helpful article on how to make your new version of Firefox look like v3. Read it up and move on.

If you aren’t really satisfied with the direction Firefox is taking up, you should probably consider trying out Google Chrome – it has improved a lot over these months and I’m pretty sure you’ll like it! The folks at Redmond have also done a pretty decent job with Internet Explorer and if you have a PC running Windows Vista/7, you should definitely give IE9 a try. The less popular, but really good Opera is also a potential candidate if you’re moving away from Firefox.