Sunday, April 8, 2012

How do I get back the old TweetDeck?

I've received a couple of emails from readers who wanted to find out how they can get back the older versions of TweetDeck that runs on Adobe AIR and is a lot more capable than what we have now. I'm pretty sure quite a few of you are longing to get back to the older version, so here goes.

If you really want the old version of TweetDeck, you can get it from Keep in mind that you will need Adobe AIR for it to work, so install that before TweetDeck. While this does work for some users out   there, you will face a lot of inconsistencies like undelivered tweets and such. Also, this version might have some flaws which will probably not be ironed out since TweetDeck is putting all their effort into their newer generation of apps.

So, you essentially have 3 choices,

  • You can either stick with the old version that I've linked to above and be prepared for all the issues that you may have to face (especially if there are big changes on Twitter in which case it'll stop working). 
  • You can use the latest version of TweetDeck. While it doesn't have all the features that the old version has, they're constantly improving it and I'm pretty sure it'll get better in the coming days. 
  • You can try out alternative apps. Windows users have MetroTwit (which I personally love), Janetter and other apps like Seesmic  and HootSuite which come quite close.
Personally, I wouldn't recommend using the old version of TweetDeck and trying out the other apps that I've mentioned might just be the change you needed.