Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gmail Tips for Advanced Users

Gmail is probably the best email environment there is. While it doesn’t really have much of a learning curve to it, learning a few additional things could just make you more efficient, especially if you are a power user. The following Gmail tips and tricks for advanced users, like you, can help you if you would like to improve your productivity levels during the week.

1. Use the advanced search functions in Gmail to find those old messages that contain vital information. Instead of just searching for some keywords in a message, try using search filters such as “from” and “label:” to narrow down your search results. When you are able to limit your search to a certain set of emails, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for right away.

2. Try formatting your Google Talk messages for more emphasis on your words. For example, if you put asterisks around a word, it will make that word show up bold in the chat. Another example is putting underscores around a word to make it italicized. Lastly, hyphens around a word will put a line through the word after it has been sent.

3. Sync your Google account with Google Chrome. For many people who work on their computer during the day, instant responses to emails and other messages is vitally important to their success. By syncing your Gmail account with the Google Chrome web browser, you will be able to get popup notifications for new emails or Gtalk messages in the bottom right corner while you are browsing other websites. To sync your Gmail account in Google Chrome, simply hit the wrench button in the top right corner of the browser and click “Sign in to Chrome…”

4. Add an option to see when a message was only sent to you or was actually sent to an entire mailing list. When you turn this option on under settings, you will see a “>” when the message was sent to more than just your email address. Anything that has a “>>” next to it will have only been sent to you.

5. Learn the basic Gmail shortcuts. If you are going to work faster and get things done more quickly, then keyboard shortcuts are always going to be one of your main priorities. Hitting “c” will open up a new message to be composed. You will be moved to a newer conversation when you hit “k”, and you will be moved to an older conversation when you hit “j.” You will have to enable keyboard shortcuts under settings for these to work on your Gmail account.

By using this list of five advanced Gmail tips, you will be able to look through your emails at a faster rate and stick to what really needs to be done right at that moment. There is no use in wasting your time while you are in a Gmail window because most of your real work is going to be done on another site or another application on your computer. As long as you take these tips to heart, you should be able to use your email like a pro, moving faster, and being more productive so that you aren’t wasting precious time. Remember, these ware only a few top Gmail tips for advanced users; this is just the start of how you can be more proficient and productive.

This is a guest post written by Kate Willer from antimalware doctor.