Sunday, May 13, 2012

Making the most of Google Drive – Tips and tricks

Google Drive is an amazing service, but installing the app on your system and then synchronizing your data is the very first step you have to take here. In this article, I am going to list down some of the important tricks and tips that will help you make the most out of Google Drive, both on the Web and on your system – whether you are considering synchronizing your files with your Drive or make use of the additional features available to you on the site.

As a matter of fact most of the tricks and tips will also be working with SkyDrive by Microsoft, and various other services available over the Internet. Google’s Drive incorporation with third-party web based applications is an exclusive feature, though.

The Send To Menu Option

You can easily add Google Drive option to your Windows send To Menu and send required files to your drive from any location on your system. The Send To menu essentially displays the contents of a particular folder, and you will also be able to create your own shortcuts.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Google Drive being a cloud storage service happens to be a great approach especially when you are considering keeping copies of important files all safe and secure. However, when you are uploading important data files, it is vital that you encrypt them with a password. In case your account has been compromised, you will be sure of the fact that no one will be able to have access to your files without the password; in fact Google itself will not be able to view the encrypted files. You need to make sure that you are using a program that has a strong encryption support. The best option in this regard is 7-Zip, which is also available for free.

Move All The User Data Folders

You can even move your user folders such as the Downloads, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Documents folders by simply right-clicking and using the Location tab option on them. You can get your folders moved to your online storage feature and also can be easily synchronized between your systems.

Empty the Recycle Bin

You need to be aware of the fact that files or data in the recycle bin take up your storage capacity. Soon after you have deleted the files, you are also required to empty the trash of your online drive so that you can easily regain your storage space. The trash can be easily cleared from the Google Drive page.

Restoring to Prior Versions

Google Drive is useful in storing the prior versions of your data for 30 days or 100 different revisions – whichever comes first here. Although you will not be able to view these from your system, you will be required to visit the site, click over the file and then select an option ‘manage revisions’. Keep this point in mind that the prior versions also cluster up your storage capacity, you can easily delete these versions in case they are taking too much of space on your online drive.

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